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"Waiting for the Industry to Catch Up & How to be an Actor Ally" with Saudia Rashed


Please enjoy this self-tape showcase

The Tech CEO who saves the day

The Younger Sister no one wants

The Soldier who knows where the bodies are buried

The Quick-thinking Nurse who sees everything

A few love notes from the field...

"Brie Eley absolutely shined in multiple roles and

managed to create completely different emotional lives

for each one. She was outstanding." - Goldstar

"It’s Ira Lewis and his girlfriend, cub reporter Madge Evans

(Brie Eley), who anchor the drama...In an ideal world, The Double V would be produced by regional theatre companies and high school and college theatre programs all over the country as a staple in the American dramatic canon. It needs to be seen.

- People's World (Full Review)

"...the equally luminous Eley, whose transformation into four distinctively rendered major characters is as wondrous as chameleon-like acting gets."

- Stage Scene LA (Full Review)

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