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After more than 20 years in the business and two dynamic pandemic years that included multiple television bookings and national commercials, I felt it was time to share my experiences in two exciting and interactive ways - by consulting actors and creators navigating the industry and  by leading classes and workshops for personal and professional success! 

I love to see good people winning. 

Let's lock in a session today

and get you winning!

I have had such an exciting and varied journey as an actress and content creator, a journey that has taken me around the world! I am here and ready to be your sounding board in the following areas: 
Read the FULL STORY here

  • acting

  • production

  • contracts

  • marketing

  • effective communication

  • career navigation and more!

No question is too simple and no issue too complicated. 
Choose the experience that is best for you or email me below


30 Minute Consult


60 Minute Consult


Extended Session


Recurring Sessions


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Classes & events

As the daughter of schoolteacher and a Marine, I have always been about education and teamwork. When it comes to career success, no one should be left behind!


BY SPECIAL REQUEST! Class Size is limited!

After 15 NATIONAL commercials

and years of working with some of the hottest commercial directors in Los Angeles,

actress and content creator Brie Eley

has created The Other 90%! 


This one day master-class is a

cutting-edge commercial workshop that looks at the business of commercials in an

exciting and innovative new way!

Excited to head home to Houston for this!

The HSPVA Black Alumni Network is connects Black alumni of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, supports current student and alumni endeavors, and provide sresources and scholarships!

"Homecoming" weekend celebrates the 50th Anniversary of or school and will include networking, performances, class reunions, and more!

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the full story

After studying at the British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer program at Oxford University, I earned my degree in Theater and Arts Administration from Marymount Manhattan College. Upon graduation, I worked in marketing at Second Stage while acting onstage in New York City and regionally. My growing interest in on-camera work, improvisation and production led to acting in and producing the award-winning film We are the Hartmans. The film was an early crowd-funding success acquired by Netflix when they were still sending out DVD’s.

Seduced by closet space and sunshine, I relocated to Los Angeles and quickly booked a few television roles (2 Broke Girls, Grey’s Anatomy,) and continued to act onstage. I spent my first years in Los Angeles in my own version of a producing school. By day I was a branded entertainment producer and casting assistant at AOL/Huffington Post, and I spent my nights attending events held by the Junior Membership of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society (JHRTS). I knew that if I was going to be involved in the industry, I needed to know what the industry was. My active participation was recognized in a delightful way. I was named a member of their Next Generation Committee. It identifies members who excel in their professional posts as well as exhibit a passion for the discovery and cultivation of new talent. Committee members also served as jury members in the New York Television Festival's Independent Pilot Competition Awards. 

At the time, the festival also hosted the seminfinals of  NBCUniversal’s Short Cuts Festival celebrating diversity within the entertainment industry. Two years later, I was back as the writer and director of the short film Password Deals. The film went on to the finals in Los Angeles and then Hulu. My next project was a quieter piece that I co-wrote and produced called Acceptance. After a festival win, it was acquired by Viacom and distributed on BET. 


I've got stories and experiences for days, which also means wisdom and perspective.

I understand the passion and the business acumen needed to bring things together.

I'll frame my analysis from both points of view to offer well-rounded guidance. 

Let's lock in a session today and get you winning!



Allen Porterie, Actor

I approached Brie with questions about negotiating a contract for the first time by myself. She reassured me that it was okay to advocate for myself and request standard rate payment for my work. I was able to successfully negotiate exactly what I was asking for with Brie’s guidance. She is an excellent motivator and has thorough knowledge of the business of entertainment. If you have a question, I am sure she has an answer for you!


Ritchie Greer, Producer and CEO of Magic Arrow Films

Brie is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She provided me with valuable advice. I would highly recommend her to help with whatever you may face in the film industry.


Madeline Hatter, Actress

Being able to lean on Ms. Eley and learn from her wide breadth of experience was highly valuable. She gave me crucial advice and language for dealing with a professional that crossed some lines. I will always appreciate that moment because I felt so supported in an alienating situation. Thank you so much!

past podcasts & press

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Brie Eley on 

One Broke Actress

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Brie Eley on 

Why I'll Never

Make It

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Brie Eley on 

Great Day Houston

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let's get reel

Your FREE GUIDE to demo reel success!

Use this quick + easy guide to organize and deliver

a demo reel that will get you noticed!


- Choosing materials that's right for you

- Common demo reel mistakes and how to avoid them!

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I look forward to hearing from you! 

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