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After more than 20 years in the business and two dynamic pandemic years that included multiple tv bookings and more than 7 national commercials, I decided to bring my wealth of knowledge to the world in a more complete way - actor consulting for industry navigation and a series of classes for professional success! 

I love to see good people winning. 

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I have had such an exciting and varied journey as an actress and content creator. Read the FULL STORY here. My experiences as an actress and content creator have taken me around the world. 
I am here and ready to be your sounding board in the following areas: 

  • acting

  • production

  • contracts

  • marketing

  • effective communication

  • career navigation
    and more!

No question is too simple and no issue too complicated. 
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As the daughter of schoolteacher and a Marine, I have always been about education and teamwork. When it comes to career success, no one should be left behind!


I have been facilitating workshops through the acting collective Here and Ready since 2019. The seminars and workshops I scheduled were designed to bridge the gap between the actor's professional training life and what it takes to build your career and life like a professional.  

Join us for this practical conversation about how to supercharge your demo reel! The seminar will include mistakes to avoid, how to grab the footage you need and, most importnatly, how to make the most of the footage you have! 

Plus, we will be raffling demo reel editing sessions, so that you can put these tips and tricks into action! 

Tickets have a suggested donation of $5. 

All reservations include one week of replay access! 


the full

After studying at the British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer program at Oxford University, I earned my degree in Theater and Arts Administration from Marymount Manhattan College. Upon graduation, I worked in marketing at Second Stage while acting onstage in New York City and regionally. My growing interest in on-camera work, improvisation and production led to acting in and producing the award-winning film We are the Hartmans. The film was an early crowd-funding success acquired by Netflix when they were still sending out DVD’s.

Seduced by closet space and sunshine, I relocated to Los Angeles and quickly booked a few television roles (2 Broke Girls, Grey’s Anatomy,) and continued to act onstage. I spent my first years in Los Angeles in my own version of a producing school. By day I was a branded entertainment producer and casting assistant at AOL/Huffington Post, and I spent my nights attending events held by the Junior Membership of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society (JHRTS). I knew that if I was going to be involved in the industry, I needed to know what the industry was. My active participation was recognized in a delightful way. I was named a member of their Next Generation Committee. It identifies members who excel in their professional posts as well as exhibit a passion for the discovery and cultivation of new talent. Committee members also served as jury members in the New York Television Festival's Independent Pilot Competition Awards. 

At the time, the festival also hosted the seminfinals of  NBCUniversal’s Short Cuts Festival celebrating diversity within the entertainment industry. Two years later, I was back at the festival as the writer and director of the short film Password Deals. The film went on to the finals in Los Angeles and then Hulu. My next project was a quieter piece that was acquired by Viacom and distributed on BET. Plus acting! Plus sketch comedy! Plus figuring out how to pay the rent!  [More on my acting journey HERE!]


I've got stories and experiences for days, which also means wisdom and perspective. I understand the passion and the business  acumen needed to bring things together. I'll frame my analysis and guidance from both points of view. 

When the community wins, we all win. 

Let's lock in a session today and get you winning!

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