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the other 90%

A commercial workshop that demystifies

the business of commercials in an exciting new way!!!

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Agents are traditionally commissioned at 10%, so that means the other 90% of the work, sweat and tears need to come from you. 

Are you making the most of that 90% and truly preparing yourself for commercial and overall acting success?


If you're in doubt, take this course!

the other 90%

is it time to try something new?

I get good callbacks and avails and avail streaks but no cake! Can you teach me how to book a freaking commercial??!


Now, now, there's nothing guaranteed in the commercial business, but why not step into your next audition with a few tricks up your sleeve!!! 

I'm ready to share the analysis and strategies I've used that have led to my commercial success.

what's the first thing you do...

when you receive your commercial sides?


What if I said, don't read them?

I have something else that I do first, and I recommend you do it too!

Plus, we'll go through the rest of my "Do or Dies." 

Plus, we'll do some

commercial auditions too!!

The day will touch upon

- wardrobe preparation

- script analysis

- commercial buttons 

and more!

are you struggling with your calendar management?

When new audition notices come in, do you feel like a deer in headlights?

With self-tapes and life "returning to normal," time management has become more important than ever. How you manage your actor time feeds into how you manage your personal time. Oh yeah, you're supposed to have time to prepare your auditions too?

We'll also cover the personal management of acting! 

step into my brain

and let's go get this money!

This one day master-class is a cutting-edge commercial workshop that looks at the business of commercials

in an exciting and innovative new way!

Register now for our next session on

 Saturday, January 29th!

Class starts at 10AM PST



more about brie

Brie Eley is an actress and content creator originally from Sugar Land, Texas. A theater nerd at heart, she studied Shakespeare at Oxford University and has performed all over New York and in regional theater. While earning her theater degree, she minored in Arts Administration which led to working in marketing at Second Stage Theater and artistic development at New York Theatre Workshop.


Since relocating to Los Angeles, she has worked in branded entertainment for AOL Studios, produced award-winning short films and performed in sketch comedy across the city! Her recent television credits include The Goldbergs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, season 2 of Call Me Kat and the upcoming Ryan Murphy series Monster about Jeffrey Dahmer. Her work in the film 'Honey and Clover, a recipe for disaster,' was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in June and Dances with Films in August with more festival screenings to follow.

Brie is always excited to share her acting and 

entrepreneurial journey, having appeared on the podcasts 'One Broke Actress,' 'Why I'll Never Make It,' and in a 'Lift Black Voices' segment for Facebook. You can also hear her introducing the character of 'The High Republic," a new series from STAR WARS. She has been a guest instructor for Ghetto Film School LA, an invited speaker for the inaugural Class of Actors in the Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab, and led development workshops for Here and Ready, a networking collective she founded exclusively for Black actresses. 

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past podcasts & press

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Brie Eley on 

One Broke Actress

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Brie Eley on 

Why I'll Never

Make It

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Brie Eley on 

Great Day Houston

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After more than 20 years in the business and two dynamic pandemic years that included multiple television bookings and national commercials, I felt it was time to share my experiences in two exciting and interactive ways: by consulting actors and creators navigating the industry and by leading classes and workshops for personal and professional success! 

I love to see good people winning. 

Let's lock in a session today

and get you winning!

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No question is too simple and no issue too complicated. 
Choose the experience that is best for you!

  • acting

  • production

  • contracts

  • marketing

  • effective communication

  • career navigation
    and more!

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